Are you looking to raise the standard in the Physical Therapy profession and become a Primary Care Physical Therapist?

Santi empowers physical therapists to become confident, compassionate, and results-driven primary health care providers. He helps new grad PTs master the clinical, communication, and implementation skills that facilitate patient results and the lifestyle they desire while inspiring them to make a massive impact in elevating the Physical Therapy profession.


Does this Sound Familiar?

Are you a physical therapy student that feels unsure of your clinical skills?

As a New Grad, do you feel like the traditional school system didn't prepare you for your job as a practicing clinician?


Do you overthink everything when working with patients making you feel like you've missed something?

Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome?


I get it. 

I've been there. 

I've seen this happen over and over throughout my time in the as a physical therapist.

After 16+ years of being a CI, Physical Therapist, and rehab director leading other healthcare staff, I always found myself spending most of my time mentoring students, new grads, and staff. I have realized that guiding them to find the PT within themselves and coaching them through their career and life decisions is a large part of my passion in positively impacting our profession.

I truly enjoy being a part of each and every one of my students' journey. I love watching them gain clinical skills, "flow" in decision making, and become confident clinicians who go on to become awesome individuals that enjoy what they do and are well respected in the healthcare and sports performance worlds.

I wanted to have a greater impact, reach more students and physical therapists...


...therefore, I created an online platform to share the Elevate PT Method with you all.


It’s time to level up the PT profession and inspire a mindset that changes the face of physical therapy as we know it.

Come join me on this journey.

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“I'm a believer.” 





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